A Pop-Up Shrine

Inspired by actual 13th century Temasek history, Lenne Chai and Miki Charwin created an elaborate universe featuring a fictional spiritual organisation called The School that aims to #MakeGoddessGreatAgain by marketing her to millenials.

The installation riffs off the cultural appropriation and instant gratification that is commonplace in pop culture today, dispensing #Blessed items via vending machine in a month-long pop up shrine situated at Orchard Plaza, #04-23.

The installation was staged in March 2018, as part of OH! Open House: Emerald Hill.

Super Soul Spinning Rave

Directed & shot by Daniel Chan Xian Wen

To celebrate the end of our installation, we organised an evening of fun with free beer (courtesy of U Beer) and blessings!

The rave featured a DJ set by Intriguant, and live acoustic performances by Gouch, a dance floor with smoke and lasers, and overran by 3 hours in total.

Project Credits & Acknowledgements

Artist Lenne Chai
Designer Miki Charwin
Spatial Designer Clara Yee / inthewild
Sound Designer FERRY
Illustration of The Goddess whitehorsegrey / May Chua
Embroidery Artist Karen Leong
T-shirt & Badge Artwork Deon (@deonasaurus)
Social Media Executive Christian Maranion
Behind-The-Scenes Photographer Christopher Sim
Behind-The-Scenes Videographer Daniel Chan Xian Wen
Assisted by Ernest Zacharevic, Henzy David, Joel Chua, Sheena Liam, Stephanie Moh