What is The School?

“We are The School, for we are many, like fishes in this vast spiritual sea.”

Our Installation: Salvation Made Simple’s month-long pop-up shrine in Orchard Plaza

The School is a fictional spiritual organization that believes in the authority of The Goddess' teachings for our life and practice. They are committed to assisting anyone who seeks to graduate into enlightenment under the guidance of She Who Is Blessed.

Members of The School, as seen in the ‘Watching The Goddess’ documentary

They have a TV channel (see below) which broadcasts religious media, organise and run enlightment courses for would-be believers, and sell religious merchandise via vending machines. Their target audience are millennials, and they run an Instagram account (@goddess.wav) to help The Goddess get more followers.

Enamel pins designed by Deon Phua – these serve as course badges for The School’s enlightenment program.

Who is The Goddess?

Embroidery of The Goddess by Karen Leong

The Goddess is a fictional deity inspired by 13th-century Temasek history, and religious customs recorded by Chinese traveller Wang Dayuan.

The School believes that she watches over Singapore's sea and tides, and that she was widely worshipped prior to the colonisation of Singapore. It is sometimes said that the appearance of the Merlion is inspired by Her likeness.

With ice caps melting and sea levels rising, The School believes that when The Great Tsunami comes, The Goddess will come save her followers on The Great Beluga Whale.

Original illustration of The Goddess by whitehorsegrey

Goddess TV

She Who Watches & Loves to be Watched

Videos were created as programming for a fictional TV network that was part of the installation. The goal of Goddess TV was to educate visitors on the history of The Goddess, the goals of The School, and to encourage sales of #Blessed products – which could be purchased within the installation through vending machines.

#BlessedWater ad

Directed & shot by
Lenne Chai / Starrng Huda Shamin as The Goddess / Styled by Josiah Chua / Hair & Makeup by Alex T / Sound design by FERRY /
Assisted by Daniel Chan and Chris Sim.

‘Watching the Goddess’

Directed & shot by
Lenne Chai / Sound by Adin Kindermann / Opening and closing graphics by FERRY.

Soul Spinning Amulet ad

Directed & shot by Jasper Tan (vadbibes) / Starring Travion.

Featured on Now That

An excerpt from ‘Watching The Goddess’

“Millennials Worship Ancient Goddess In An Eco-Friendly Way“

Directed & shot by Lenne Chai / Starring Adin Kindermann, Bao En, Calvin Phua, Charlie Triano, Hailey Rodee, Henzy David, Joie
Tan, Miki Charwin, Sylvia Paing, Teddy Phuong, and Tiffany Pan

Oyster World Official Trailer

‘Oyster World: The Dog and the Goddess’ coming to cinemas near you.

Directed by Adin Kindermann / Shot by Lenne Chai / VO by Mitchell Poon / Starring Mitchell Poon, Dave Rogers, and Alex T / Sound design by FERRY.